One Of The Ways To Build Your Upper Chest

Chest is one of the biggest and most important parts of our bodies, especially for that part of muscle that differentiates from the rest of the body. However, building it up is not as easy as it seems.

Weightlifting Accessory

To build up your chest, you’ll need equipment such as a smith machine or a power rack to perform certain strength moves. To perform strength moves, you’ll have to wear weightlifting shoes. And to pick the right weightlifting shoes, you’ll have to check out these weightlifting shoe reviews. That’s all you have to do. Simple, right?

Smith Machine/Power Rack

These exercise machines are one of the best to get a good bench press position to build up your upper chest. As you see, it focuses on making your upper chest work more by lowering down the barbell onto your clavicles. Here’s how you perform a bench press with a smith machine bar or a power rack:

First, you need to look for a flat bench and put it under a smith machine bar or a power rack.

Make sure your grip on the bar goes beyond your shoulders and your upper arms are perpendicular to your body when you lower it down.

When you lower the bar down slowly, you’ll have to inhale. Exhale when pushing up the bar with your chest.

If the bar is in a slightly uncomfortable position, you could be risking your shoulders. We recommend using medium weight to avoid injuries.

Bench Press with Reverse Grip

The reverse grip for bench press is commonly used to build up the triceps muscles. However, it is also one of the best ways to work out your upper chest. You can do it with a smith machine or power rack and a barbell. Here’s how to do it:

Make sure you grab the bar in a position wider than shoulder-width.

Your body should be resting on a bench and facing up

Lower it until it reaches your mid-chest level, then push it back behind your head until your upper arms are perpendicular to your body.

This exercise can be harder for the first time you do but it gets easier with practice. Make sure to do at least 10 reps per set. Use light or medium weight when you just start and increase the weight as you improve.

Dumbbell Pullover

This is actually one of the most famous and commonly used exercises at gyms. As an exercise, it is designed to focus on your chest and your rib cage. However, the main and most effective use of the pullover with dumbbell is to build up your upper pecs. Here’s how you should do it:

Lie down on a bench. However, you will have to grab a dumbbell in front of your chest.

Make sure the dumbbell on your palms is comfortable and secured. Your elbows should be slightly bent and the dumbbell should be right over your chest.

At this position, you will slowly lower down the dumbbell towards behind your head and hold your elbows slightly bent until the dumbbell passes the head level.

While going up, make sure you feel a good stretch with your chest. Tighten up your body as much as you can and exhale while pushing the dumbbell up.

When the dumbbell is at the starting position again, you will have to tighten up your body. Then, you can repeat by lowering down again.

Do at least 4 sets of 10 reps. Use medium to heavy weight. We recommend using heavy weights with the help of a friend to avoid accident or wrong movements.

These are the best exercises you will be able to do for your upper chest. However, there are many more you can try and, REMEMBER; these will not replace full chest exercise.

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