About Me

Welcome to my blog KITHTour2015. I’m David Gunther. I am not one of your usual friends you hang out with that will tell you whatever you love listening to! My job here is to discipline you to follow a routine; a routine which will help you get healthy and good-looking.

Now you know what my job is about, right? My guide will consist of two main parts:

1st: Healthy foods that will make you lose weight and muscular.
2nd: Weightlifting training guide you can use to get healthy and muscular.

These are the routines you have to follow. However, if you still have any question or things that you would like us to clarify, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Below is a form you can use to contact me. Simply fill up your name, address, email, subject, as well as your question of course. Thanks for your time.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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